A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is my game project for LOWREZJAM 2019. I did the game using Godot engine, Gimp. The music was created by Bluebot using Helm VST plugin. The Ikkle font created by Jack Oatley is used in this game.


You are in the middle of an infection and your purpose is to defeat the virus up in the map. Be careful some mobs deal you damage by hurting you and attacking your ship at the bottom of the map.


  • Use arrows to move around the game
  • Use space to attack

Information: The linux version might be unstable. if this version doesn't work for you, I suggest you try it with Wine using the windows version.

Install instructions


If you are using the Linux version of the game, make sure you keep the executable in the same folder as the .pck file. Without this file, the game cannot be launched.


Infection_osx.zip 81 MB
Infection_win.zip 75 MB
Infection_linux.zip 79 MB

Development log

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